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Procurement Management Features
EDGE ERP Modules
Procurement Management
  • Document based management of the entire purchase cycle starting from Purchase Requisition to Bill Passing.
  • Definable multiple types of each class of document to manage variations in process flow of different types of materials and services.
  • Minimizes data entry work using reference documents and menu dropdowns.
  • Online Authorization of Documents in a workflow based system.
  • Documents and Reports can be printed and saved in various formats.
Procurement pricing
  • Definable charge types specifying their unit of calculation and additive /deductive property.
  • Definable charge schemes specifying predetermined sequence of charges that will be applied in the pricing process.
  • Account assignment with charges supporting integration with financial accounting.
Vendor management
  • Maintenance of source list of vendors for each of the materials and services with automatic updation and amendment.
  • Vendor Rating as per user definable criteria.
  • Maintenance of vendor masters specifying purchase agreements, conditions of delivery, average annual purchases, credit terms and payment period.
  • Document registers for maintenance of day-to-day transactions.
  • Comprehensive Purchase Information System to facilitate decisions on supply and delivery schedules
  • MIS reports for periodic review.
  • Line item tracking of each material in the procurement chain.
Managing Procurement Life Cycle
  • Linkage of multiple purchase products with single inventory item.
  • Creation of Purchase requisition documents manually as well as automatically by the Material Requirement Planning Process.
  • Quotation Comparison functionality enabling informed choice among vendors.
  • Creation of Purchase Orders, based on Purchase Requisitions, Purchase contracts and Quotations
  • Purchase order revision, delivery schedule, and association of terms and conditions.
  • Comprehensive bill passing procedure through invoice document enabling amount verification and payment processing
  • Partial and subsequent bill passing for supporting Freight bills and Service Bill Passing etc.
  • Automated verification of prices from Purchase order and Goods Receipt Document to ascertain, discounts, promotional offers, taxes and levies.
  • Automatic creation of Purchase Voucher on authorization of an invoice, and its payable entry mentioning due date.
  • Integration with payable management for automatic payment of due invoices.
Integration to EDGE HUB
  • Online Authorization of Documents
  • True Workflow based system.
  • In built Mail system.
  • Alerts can be set in the system to monitor exception activities or events.
  • Ensures people access only the information they need and are authorized to access.
Top   Edge Procurement Management
EDGE ERP Features
» Multi-company, Multi-location, Multi-user, Multi-currency
» Advance Security
» Browser Based Online Interface
» True Workflow System
» Highly User-friendly & Customizable
» Cost Effective
EDGE ERP Benefits
» Compress Time Cycles
» Streamline and speed-up the entire process
» Enhance control over business operations
» Access Real Time Information from any part of the globe
» Data Management Simplified
» Integration to all EDGE Modules
EDGE ERP Modules
» Edge Hub
» Edge Inventory Management
» Edge Manufacturing
» Edge Planning
» Edge Procurement Management
» Edge Sales And Distribution
» Edge HR & Payroll